Omari Scott Simmons

Omari Scott Simmons is a professor of law at Wake Forest University School of Law and a leading expert on education policy and corporate governance. In preparation for a new book, to be published in late 2015, Omari came to Produce Creative to give him a fresh and targeted online identity.

Using his CV and recent publications, and a full set of amazing photos taken in Baltimore, MD, we created and launched his new website online at We’re so proud of the website, but even more proud to support Omari Scott Simmons, a man who dedicates countless hours each year to his nonprofit group, the Simmons Memorial Foundation.

You’re fantastic, Omari! Thanks for letting us work with you.

Omari Scott Simmons

Liberty Vision is the online home for Dr. Jeffrey Gold, one of Connecticut’s most successful Epi-LASIK surgeons. Dr. Gold had an active web presence at Liberty Vision, but the website was outdated, clunky and wasn’t mobile responsive — an absolute necessity for today’s digital-savvy medical practice.

Produce Creative partnered with Dr. Gold and his top-notch staff to develop a custom-designed and up-to-date website for both of his practices ( and And we gave them the tools to keep their active online marketing engine moving at breakneck speed.

And trust us, they’re doing just that at their new Liberty Vision website!

Liberty Vision

Forsythe Immigration Law Firm

Forsythe Immigration Law Firm, a small but effective immigration law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, hired Produce Creative to give them a fresh new look.

Their original site was designed by one of the firm’s lawyers. It provided their clients with a bare minimum of information, but lacked the professionalism intrinsic in everything the firm did.

Forsythe Immigration Law Firm is known for providing their corporate and family immigration clients with creative solutions. We decided to give them that same level of service. Through initial interviews, we established the firm’s personality and the principals’ aesthetic and business goals. We translated our findings into action and delivered a final website in less than a month.

And this website truly reflects the essence of Forsythe Immigration Law Firm: creative solutions.



Produce Creative has been helping INSZoom with its marketing needs since 2000. That’s a long time in the internet age. Both of us, Produce Creative and INSZoom, have learned our skills together, out there in the real world of business.

We love this company because it is a targeted, niche software company that solves real problems every day for thousands of clients worldwide who in turn help millions of immigrants worldwide. That’s right: this software company has developed a solution that touches millions of lives every day.

We choose to help INSZoom with their marketing needs because we believe in them and we want to support them.

Let us believe in you as well.



Mobiglue is a new augmented reality company that helps brands, agencies and businesses leverage context-aware digital marketing to influence consumer behavior in stores and other point of purchase environments. Produce Creative developed the company’s brand, logo, messaging and digital presence. We aligned ourselves closely with the company and played a key leadership role in developing their vision and communications platform and strategy.

Produce Creative worked closely with us to, first, understand our business, and second, build a website for us that they delivered on time and at a very reasonable budget. I highly recommend them to any new company looking for a cost-effective way to get online fast.
– Skyelar Hoort, Mobiglue